When a baby is born, it’s a time of great rejoicing and family and friends want to be very much a part of your celebrations!  It is a time to think about having your child Baptised and brought into the family of baptised people everywhere. This, too, is a great celebration and needs to be thought about and planned with care.


What do I need to do?

Contact the Church Warden or Parish Priest of the Church where you would like the Baptism to take place. This should normally be your Parish Church but it can be a church where you may have a family connection. The next thing is to fix the date and time.



Two men and a woman for a boy

Two women and a man for a girl

Choose your Godparents with care. A simple test to see if they’re the people you really want is to ask yourself, if you weren’t around, would you like one of the Godparents to bring up your child? If the answer is yes, great! If no, then think again!!  Godparents must be Baptised themselves and, ideally be confirmed; but talk to your priest about this.

For details please contact the Parish Priest

Fr John Eldridge SSC - 01273 881761

or the Churchwardens

Christopher Bould - 07730 381934

Jane Blair - 07510 665861



Certificate issued at the time of baptism  £14.00 

Short certificate of baptism given £14.00