Prayer Group

Rose Orr runs a prayer group meeting once a month in her flat.

We would really love more people to join us.

The meetings take the form of looking at a saint of the day, possibly a tiny bible study, then praying for people and situations, followed by a cup of tea.

The meetings start at 14.30 and last about an hour and a half.

Please talk to Rose Orr if you are interested in joining.

Dates can be found on the Parish Events page.


Years Mind

Let us pray for those who have died recently especially: Rhona Bradley; John Elias; Beau Brandie Pr.; and also those whose years mind falls at this time:  25th, Elizabeth Coles; Joan Dee, 26th, Lucy Golds; Frederick Sadler, 29th, Emily Wingate; Evelina Sturt; Betty Stevens, 30th Moray O’Bierne Pr. (4th Vicar), 31st, James Carn; William Turner.


That you have this day and every day of your life

God to glorify,

Jesus to imitate,

The Angels and Saints to invoke,

A soul to save,

A body to mortify,

Sins to repent of,

Virtues to acquire,

Hell to avoid,

Heaven to gain,

Eternity to prepare for,

Time to profit by,

Neighbours to edify,

The world to despise,

Devils to combat,

Passions to subdue,

Death, perhaps, to suffer,

And judgment to undergo.