For the Parish during our interregnum

During the interregnum, we are alternating the two prayers below in our weekly intercessions. Please take a moment to remember the Parish and those who worship at St. Barnabas.

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, giver of every good gift: Be pleased to hear the prayers of your people, and send to us as the Vicar of this parish a Priest after your own heart who shall faithfully and wisely exercise the cure of souls, to the good of your Church and the glory of your name.


Look graciously at this time on the people of this parish, and give to us a faithful Priest who will serve you in all diligence and lowliness of heart, and, by your blessing, bring many souls to the joy of your eternal kingdom.

For our prayers

We  pray for those for whom our prayers have been asked:


Ben Woodfall, Bobbie Bell, Julia Walker,

Dorothy Heasman,  Sara Goddard, John Elias, Ruth Butcher, Tim Garfield, David Oldrey, Colin Blaquiere, Susan Jenkins, Natalie Husdan, Caitlin Birley, Sally Carr.

Janice Fairbrace.

Roz Grant, Colin Wilsher, Rose Tallman, Jacky Mercer, Kenny, Stephen Budden,  Peggy Smith. Tina Moore. Maureen Theobald, Kathy Austin, Georgia Carrick.


Fot those recently departed

Frances Akehurst & Margaret Dean.

Years Mind

Let us pray for those whose anniversaries fall at this time:

James Maude, Mabel Paice, Annie Longley, Elizabeth Poole, Helen Hughes, Hilary Perry, Nellie Terry

Remember Christian Soul


That you have this day and every day of your life

God to glorify,

Jesus to imitate,

The Angels and Saints to invoke,

A soul to save,

A body to mortify,

Sins to repent of,

Virtues to acquire,

Hell to avoid,

Heaven to gain,

Eternity to prepare for,

Time to profit by,

Neighbours to edify,

The world to despise,

Devils to combat,

Passions to subdue,

Death, perhaps, to suffer,

And judgment to undergo.