Prayers for the Parish

We pray for all who live and work in our parish and especially this week:

29th     Westbourne Villas, Westbourne Place, Wish Road.

30th     Westbourne Villas, Westbourne Street, Wordsworth Street.

31st     Those who worship here but live outside the parish.

1st       Blatchington Road, Amesbury Crescent.    

2nd    Byron Street, Aymer Road.

3rd     Caisters Cl. Berridale Ave.   

4th      Clarendon Rd, Clarendon Villas, Braemore Rd.

Years Mind

Let us pray for those who have died recently especially: John Lanceley, Catherine Bould; Nichole Ryecroft, Neil Williamson and also those whose years mind falls at this time:

29th  Emily Wingate, Evelina Sturt, Betty Stevens.

30th Moray O’Bierne Pr. (4th Vicar).

31st  James Carn, William Turner.  

1st    Betty Fosbury.

3rd   Winifred Keates, Gordon Kenworthy Pr.   

4th   John Newman.


That you have this day and every day of your life

God to glorify,

Jesus to imitate,

The Angels and Saints to invoke,

A soul to save,

A body to mortify,

Sins to repent of,

Virtues to acquire,

Hell to avoid,

Heaven to gain,

Eternity to prepare for,

Time to profit by,

Neighbours to edify,

The world to despise,

Devils to combat,

Passions to subdue,

Death, perhaps, to suffer,

And judgment to undergo.