Simple Quality Protects (SQP) is a tool introduced across the Diocese of Chichester, to be used by St Barnabas to assess how well we’re doing with our safeguarding practice and provision, to improve, and to demonstrate that improvement. It provides a set of easily-understood standards, arranged around four Themes. It also provides the guidance and resources to help St Barnabas meet those standards. The four Themes around which our SQP programme is structured are as follows:

Safe Activities: Ensuring that our basic day-to-day activities in the church are safe. This Theme covers things like first-aid-kits and risk-assessment for activities. It is the most 'practical' of the themes.

Safe Practice: This Theme focuses on ensuring that St Barnabas operates as safely as possible in our interaction with children and adults. It covers things like codes of behaviour, and how to respond to concerns.

Safe Structures: This Theme looks at the policies adopted by the St Barnabas PCC, and also at how the incumbent and PCC monitor compliance with those policies. This Theme is primarily about the governance of the parish, and how that supports good safeguarding.

Safe People: This theme focuses on safer recruitment - making sure that the people who work or volunteer in our churches with children and adults are suitable people to do so. It covers DBS checks, and also references, induction, training, and the like.